Day 126: Moving Forward

It has been a while since our last blog post, but no news can often be good news with situations such as these.  Sophie began her first post-surgical chemo round on Monday, March 6th, one week after the doctors initially wanted to begin.  Although she was doing extremely well post-surgery, our surgeon felt it was […]

Day 106: Sometimes It Pays to be Stubborn

Day 106 on the Road to Recovery… Sophie’s recovery thus far has had a few ups and downs, but overall she is truly one amazing fighter of a kid.  Post-surgery, we remained in the Pediatric ICU for 11 days, with an additional night on the regular pediatric floor.  During that time period, Sophie recovered remarkably […]

Post-Surgery Update

Thank God (B”h) Sophie is out of surgery after 7.5 hours and resting in the PICU. Thank you so much to all who prayed, said tehillim, and did a good deed for Sophie today and in all the days leading up to her surgery.  Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers over […]

Day 70: Always a New Twist

Day 70 on the road to recovery… We are finally on to our fourth and final round of chemo prior to surgery, but with it came another surprise twist… While Sophie’s flu is now gone, she has come down with a new virus that is forcing us to remain in complete isolation throughout the entire […]

Day 64: Screw You, Winter

Day 64 on the Road to Recovery… This week, Sophie came down with the flu. Its the same miserable flu that winter after winter, everyone hopes to avoid, but many can’t. Only this time, everything is different. On Monday morning, Sophie was acting great and happy to be playing at home. By Monday late afternoon she had developed a high fever […]

Day 57: Appreciating the Small Things

Day 57 on the Road to Recovery…. We are currently reaching the end of our “up” week after our 3rd chemo cycle round, and we have a number of things to be thankful for.  The 3rd cycle of chemo has proceeded without surprises, with Sophie acting upbeat and energetic through most of the past 2.5 weeks. […]