Quick Update: Out of Surgery and Resting

Providing a very quick update: Sophie went into surgery around 9:30 this morning, and the team finished around 5:00PM. She is  resting comfortably now in the pediatric ICU and (in typical Sophie fashion) is already eating cookies. Overall, the surgery was considered successful but we’ll have a few long days ahead of us as she […]

Surgery Tomorrow Morning

Tomorrow is the day that’s been on our minds since Sophie’s tumor recurrence in March.  Tomorrow, Sophie’s surgeon (the same as our previous one) will attempt to remove the tumor from her chest cavity.  This is a long and complicated surgery, and we would sincerely appreciate any and all positive thoughts directed Sophie’s way. Please […]

Postponing Surgery by 1 Week

Last week was filled with some ups and downs. In anticipation of Sophie’s upcoming surgery, we tried to plan fun day trips, interspersed with periodic hospital visits. We went to the beach, visited Land of Make Believe and took a trip to the “Make a Wish” castle in Central New Jersey. On Thursday, we unfortunately […]

Stem Cell Transplant

The past few weeks have been busy, with lots of back and forths from the hospital to check blood counts. Physically, Sophie has been feeling good with a lot of energy and a great appetite. We’ve been able to take a number of fun day trips, including trips to museums, a pool, and even a […]


Last week, Sophie passed the half-way mark of her radiation treatments. Thankfully, short term side effects from the radiation have been limited, but it has been responsible for keeping her blood counts low. This has led to the need for more frequent blood and platelet transfusions than her previous chemo cycles. We have visited the […]

A New Hebrew Name for Sophie

Tonight we performed a special Jewish ceremony in our home to change Sophie’s hebrew name.  There is spiritual significance behind performing this ritual.  Just as G-d changed Abraham and Jacob’s names during significant times in their lives, so too we have changed Sophie’s Hebrew name with the hope of forging a new, healing path forward for […]

Update on Treatment

As planned, Sophie’s 3rd cycle of chemo began on Tuesday, April 24th. Her reaction to this cycle was a bit more mixed than the previous two; some days better than others, but overall when she was feeling good she was able to get to the playroom and have visits from volunteers and family. Less anecdotally, […]

Stem Cell Collection

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity.  Sophie’s reaction to her 2nd chemo cycle was much better than her reaction to the first cycle, and significantly better than anyone had anticipated (based on our 1st round experience).  We were able to keep her nausea at bay, and she was able to eat, […]

Onto Round 2

On Monday, we began our second round of chemo for Sophie.  We’ve had a couple of weeks of ups and downs preceding this new round.  As we mentioned in our previous post, we were admitted onto M9 (the inpatient side of the hospital) at the very onset of Sophie’s neutropenic phase. (This is when her […]

At It Again…

Sophie began the first cycle of her new chemo regimen last Tuesday, March 13th.  As the doctors had informed us, we found this drug combination to be significantly more challenging than her last treatments.  Her treatments were administered for 5 straight days (unlike the previous 2 or 3 days), from early morning until late evening, […]