Postponing Surgery by 1 Week

Last week was filled with some ups and downs. In anticipation of Sophie’s upcoming surgery, we tried to plan fun day trips, interspersed with periodic hospital visits. We went to the beach, visited Land of Make Believe and took a trip to the “Make a Wish” castle in Central New Jersey.

On Thursday, we unfortunately found out that Sophie’s blood counts (specifically her platelets) will not be ready for surgery this coming Monday.  The surgeon and anesthesiologist require her platelets to be at a certain threshhold to make sure the surgery is as safe as possible and her body would be able to self-heal.  Although her numbers are slowly rising, they will not be high enough for tomorrow, and we are therefore forced to push off the surgery by one week, to Monday July 9th.

We will post additional updates if necessary, but for now, please keep Sophie in mind leading up to next Monday the 9th, and pray for for Chava Shalva Gavriella bat Shani Aliza the day of the surgery.

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  1. Our continued prayers and misheberachs for Chava Shalva Gavriella bat Shani Aliza’s refuah shleima <3,
    Sara Malka and Larry

  2. Jennifer Seligman says: Reply

    Can people still give platelets? Always thinking of and praying for you guys. May Sophie have a Refuah sheleimah.

  3. Sandra Rosenbaum says: Reply

    I have Sophie on my mind constantly. Sending you strength and love and as always prayers for a full refuah for Sophie.

  4. Jill Feeney says: Reply

    Continued prayers and strength as you weather the unpredictability of childhood cancer treatment. Wishing only good things to Sophie and your family.

  5. We love you Sophie!! You are so full of light and happiness and joy. We are cheering you on.

  6. The love you show each other and how you cherish every moment together is such an inspiration. We continue to have you all in our hearts and minds. Praying for Sophie.
    Love you all,

  7. May the Light,Happiness & Radiance on Sophie’s face and demeanor continue to give You All the Chizuk You Deserve!
    She’s truly amazing!!!
    Refuah Shleima Chava Shalva Gavriella-always in Our Tefillot & Shabbos Divrei Torah!

  8. Ruben Mizrahi says: Reply

    Chava! You will pull through with Gd’s blessings! We’re all praying for you, thinking of you and sending you love!!

  9. Terry A Lefkowitz says: Reply

    Continuing to daven for your beautiful daughter. Wishing Chava Sophie a refuah shleimah and her parents a relief from this niSophie is blessed to have such wonderful caring parents.

  10. Leah Herzog says: Reply

    You are in my tefillot every day
    You all inspire me to make every day count. Chizki v’imtzu!

  11. Yehudis Herzfeld says: Reply

    G-d Bless your entire Amazing Family with Strength, & G-d Bless Beautiful Sophie to Keep on Fighting & Keep on Smiling that Terrific Smile, for many, many years to come!❣️ G-d Bless Us to only hear & Share Good News. . ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Hinda and Aaron Dukes and family says: Reply

    Prayers coming from Minnesota! Chava Shalva Gavriella bas Shaina Aliza should please be blessed with a refuah shleimah!!!

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