Update on Treatment

As planned, Sophie’s 3rd cycle of chemo began on Tuesday, April 24th. Her reaction to this cycle was a bit more mixed than the previous two; some days better than others, but overall when she was feeling good she was able to get to the playroom and have visits from volunteers and family.

Less anecdotally, we have been back and forth for a number of visits and discussions with the doctors about our next steps for treatment.  After many conversations amongst different specialists on Sophie’s team, the decision has been taken to begin pre-surgical radiation this Wednesday, May 9th.  Unfortunately, when Sophie’s cancer came back, radiation became a necessary component of her new treatment plan.

Radiation will comprise 20 consecutive weekday visits (all early morning) for Sophie to be put under anesthesia and undergo a radiation treatment.  This means at the very least, starting Wednesday, we’ll be at the hospital every weekday morning for anestesia. This will also coincide with her 4th and possibly 5th round of chemotherapy which will be given after radiation when possible.  

Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers as we move into this new phase.

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  1. I ache for her and for both of you. Too difficult for words. We send prayers and strength.

  2. Na'aman & Meechal Kam says: Reply

    We are continuing to daven & think about you every single day. We appriciate all the updates & pictures that also help us at times to refocus in our constant tfillot.
    BiTfillah that you should all have the kochot to make it through this challenging time & Sophie should have a Refuah Shleimah Bikarov Bi’toch Shi’ar Cholei Yisrael.
    Na’aman & Meechal

  3. Jill Feeney says: Reply

    I will continue to pray for you all. Michael had 10 days of early morning whole lung radiation. Then we would drive home and he went right to school! No side effects at all. Be prepared The hardest part will be when she’s getting the treatment. She’s inside and you’re outside. It is the longest 10 minutes to live through. I hope her experience is as uneventful as Michael’s. Praying hard.

    1. thanks so much for providing the context for us. It makes it a bit easier to go through.

  4. Ruben Mizrahi says: Reply

    Here at Mayanot Yeshiva in Jerusalem we daven for her every day and we will increase our prayers and go on mivtzoim in her merit! May Gd give her full and complete healing now!

  5. Adina Leitner says: Reply

    What’s Her Hebrew Name Again Please?

    1. Shalva Gabriella bas Shani Aliza

  6. Jennifer Seligman says: Reply

    Always thinking of you guys and Sophie is in our thoughts and prayers daily. May she have a speedy and complete recovery.

  7. Daniel Alexander says: Reply

    I have been putting off donating blood just in case Sophie needs. What should I do?

  8. Sending thoughts and prayers your way as this journey continues. May Sophie have all the strength to pass through this as easily as possible, and may this treatment be effective and complete. My heart goes out to you.

  9. We love you. Sending only love and positive thoughts your way always.

  10. Sending love and hugs and praying for Sophie’s recovery, and an ease of your spirit. Praying for you all.

  11. Devorah Leah Gordon says: Reply

    Wishing you strength and positivity, and sending our love!

  12. sending love, tefillos and so much support your way! Stay strong Sophie!

  13. Thinking of you and amazing and beautiful Sophie. Sending prayers, positive thoughts and love.

  14. The Fogelman Family says: Reply

    Thinking of all of you…

  15. Rachel Hercman says: Reply

    You are in my thoughts and tefilot.

  16. Sending you all our love and strength. We support and care for you from afar.

  17. I just put Chava Shalva Gavriella on my list for Shemone Esrei davening each day. Sending tefilot and warm wishes to her for a refuah sheleima and strength to her parents!
    EPHarris, Jerusalem (good friend of Rita-Rivka)

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