Stem Cell Transplant

The past few weeks have been busy, with lots of back and forths from the hospital to check blood counts. Physically, Sophie has been feeling good with a lot of energy and a great appetite. We’ve been able to take a number of fun day trips, including trips to museums, a pool, and even a day at the beach.

However, the last round of chemo in conjunction with 4 weeks of daily radiation has resulted in  her body being unable to recover her blood counts on its own. We’ve had frequent hospital visits to monitor both her counts and receive transfusions, but the team decided that further intervention was needed.

A few months ago, Sophie underwent a procedure to collect her stem cells for this very reason.  The thinking was that if her body was unable to recover on its own, giving her back her own stem cells would give her body a much needed boost to help it recover from all of the treatments she has received so far.  

Today, Sophie received an “Autologous Stem Cell Transplant”.  The procedure itself is done almost exactly like an out outpatient transfusion, but with a few additional doctors and nurses on board.   Basically, the stem cells that were collected had been previously frozen by MSK for this very purpose. This morning, Sophie’s cells were brought from the storing facility to the pediatric floor, and they were thawed out in front of us and then and administered through her port.  We then spent most of the day in the hospital being monitored, and will be going home for the night with a fluid backpack, which will be de-accessed from her port tomorrow.

The effects on her blood counts may take a few days to a couple of weeks to see results, as it takes the cells a bit of time to “stick” and help the bone marrow regenerate.  We will be monitoring her counts very closely for the next few weeks to ensure that all her counts are increasing. The hope is that by doing this transplant, Sophie’s body will be ready for her big surgery, which is currently (tentatively) scheduled for Monday July 2nd.  We will keep everyone posted as we have more updates leading up to the surgery itself.

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  1. Thinking of you guys so brave and staying strong. Good to hear updates and wonderful to hear Sophie and family having fun. Praying stem cell transplant is very successful and refuah shelema.
    Sending positivity & love

  2. Jennifer Seligman says: Reply

    Thanks for the update— Sophie is in our thoughts and prayers daily.

  3. Zelda Wildman says: Reply

    You are an amazing family and an inspiration to all of us. Sophie is always in our tefilot and always in our hearts. Refuah Shelayma.

  4. Charles plittman says: Reply

    My prayers are with you.

  5. Clifford Bloch says: Reply

    Our hearts bleed for you guys. It’s amazing to read how well Sophie is coping, having been through so much. With Hashem’s help we hope and pray that she pulls through.
    Love to you all,
    Cliff and Natalie Bloch

  6. You all should have a Refuah and Plant Stem procedure should be successful Please God
    I pray for Chava Shalva Gavriella and all of you to continue to have ” Our Chizuk!”

  7. Adina Leitner says: Reply

    Oiy!! So hard to read!!!!
    Refuah Shlema yo Sophie and all the sick in Klan yisroel!!!!
    Will daven for her!

  8. Tanya Cohen says: Reply

    Refuah shleima. Davening and thinking of you all

  9. We’re counting on you and for you, Sophie! Keep those numbers up!

  10. Thank you for the update. We think of Sophie and you every day and pray for a refuah shlema very soon!. Sending our love and many hugs.
    Ruth and Phil

  11. Dear Dave, Jenny, thank you for the update. We love you both and continue to walk down this road with you. We always will. Blessings of love, support and healing.

  12. Reuben Shmuel says: Reply

    Chava Shalva Gabriella, earlier this week 8 of my friends and I traveled to the great Tzadikim in Ukraine and we asked Gd for blessings for you by The Baal Shem Tov, The Maggid, The Alter Rebbe, Rabbi Nachman, Rabbi Levi Yitzak and the Mittler Rebbe. We also mentioned your name by the Torah for a refua shlema! May these brachas manifest speedily and you should be up, running, dancing and jumping as soon as possible!!

  13. Faye Spangenthal Bourgstein says: Reply

    Thanx for the updates. You all r in my prayers. Love u Sophie

  14. Always keeping Sophie in prayer for a complete recovery! She sounds like a remarkable little girl

  15. Keeping Sophie in my prayers. My thoughts will be with you all on the 2nd. She is such a trooper!

  16. Devorah Leah Gordon says: Reply

    Refuah shleimah! Hope this ends well real soon! Your positivity is so precious!

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