NBC News Article – Call for Empathetic Work Environments

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for your ongoing prayers for Sophie and our family.  Your emotional and financial support has meant the world to us, and continues to help us raise awareness and funding for pediatric cancer.  

I would now like to ask for your help again, in raising awareness for a different issue close to my heart.  As some of you may know, about two years ago I was asked to resign my job at Unilever due to Sophie’s cancer diagnosis.  I was hurt by this decision, but most of all angry that such a reputable company could make such a harsh and apathetic decision when I needed them the most.

In response to these events, I’ve written an article that I feel fortunate to say was published today on NBC News Digital.  My hope is that the article can shed light on an alarming and unfortunately pervasive trend in corporate America today, in the hopes of enacting change for the future.  

Please access the article through the link below, and help me spread this important message by sharing on your individual social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).    


Best wishes to everyone for a happy (and most importantly!) healthy new year.

Jenny Spangenthal

6 Replies to “NBC News Article – Call for Empathetic Work Environments”

  1. hi jenny,

    as always, thank you for keeping us informed about princess sophie.

    i have not read the article yet but i am furious at the harsh decision the company made.
    i wish i were a labor attorney who could sue them for discrimation. i have heard of companies that allow their employees to give their vacation days to other employees who are in need of some time whether they are ill or a family member is.
    every day i am learning more and more about what it means to be kind — to bring spiritual goodness into the physical world. you always inspire me to do more.
    my prayers and blessings to you, david and the entire spangenthal family for revealed good and the speedy arrival of Moshiach.

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    I read the article but had no idea you left Unilever. Terrible decision and loss on their part. Always thinking of you, your family and especially Sophie. Hope she’s doing well.

  3. Very well written article. Thank you for sharing this!

  4. KUDOS to You-Jenny!
    Sophie,David & Yourself should only continue to get Chizuk from God and family & friends
    Very poignant and well-written article-
    My weekly Divrei Torah at the Yudin Home continue every Shabbos with a Bracha for Refuah for Chava Shalva Gavriella-precious Sophie

  5. Berni Zierler says: Reply

    Before there was an FMLA law to protect me, I lost a job while on maternity leave. I was enraged and demoralized. I feel for you. It’s an unfair outcome. Sending you, David, and the kids all our love.

  6. Michael Rosenzweig says: Reply

    A very well written / important article my friend. I am so sorry they treated you with such a horrible lack of compassion/ empathy as it was truly a disgrace/ so so Tremendously Shameful . You/ your beautiful family/ Sophie are always in my prayers for G-d’s comfort healing / only goodness . May the secular New Year Americai bring you / your beautiful family/ Sophie only Good Health Success / and much much joy/ happiness.

    Shalom/ Peace / A very happy / most of all healthy Secular Amercai Shana Tovah/ New Year my friend.

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