Give Blood and Platelets

For Sophie’s upcoming treatment, she is at risk of a low blood and platelet count. Fortunately, Memorial Sloan Kettering is able to provide Sophie with transfusions as needed to keep her counts up and at a safe level. We need your help to supply Sophie with both blood and platelets.

Please sign up here if you are willing to donate.

Can I donate?

  • You must be A+, A-, O+ or O- for Red Blood Donations
  • You can be any blood type for Platelet donations
  • If you’ve traveled to questionable countries, you may not be eligible
  • You must be above 110 pounds
  • You must be able to donate at Memorial Sloan Blood Bank (67th and York, Upper East Side)
  • Please refrain from donating if you are feeling at all ill, or have any of the following syptoms: runny nose, sore (or scratchy) throat, cough, etc. If you have any of the described symptoms, please wait until you’re completely healthy to donate.

When do I need to be available?

  • We are unsure at this time the necessary timing of the donations. We’ll update here when we have more. If you fill out the form above, we’ll be in contact directly when we know more.