Quick Update: Out of Surgery and Resting

Providing a very quick update:

Sophie went into surgery around 9:30 this morning, and the team finished around 5:00PM. She is  resting comfortably now in the pediatric ICU and (in typical Sophie fashion) is already eating cookies. Overall, the surgery was considered successful but we’ll have a few long days ahead of us as she recovers. We will provide a more detailed update in the next few days when we have more time.

Thank you for all your kind notes and prayers on Sophie’s behalf.


26 Replies to “Quick Update: Out of Surgery and Resting”

  1. Davening every day. She is a fighter!

  2. Chana Rivka says: Reply

    She is amazing – may it continue to go well with Sophie! Prayers continuing for her complete recovery!

  3. Hannah Geis says: Reply

    Sending much love and positive energy from Montreal

  4. Shira Grosser says: Reply

    She is in my daily Tefillot and Tehillim. Wishing her a Refuah Shelaima BeH

    1. Sandy Rosenbaum says: Reply

      Thank G-d she’s feeling well! Sending love, support and chizuk to Sophie and you all!!

  5. Zelda Wildman says: Reply

    Wishing our little Princess Sophie a Refuah Shelayma!

  6. B”H B”H-thinking about Sophie all day-thanks for the update-refuah shelayma

  7. Danny & Zelda says: Reply

    Thank you for taking the time to update everyone. We continue to daven for Sophie three times a day. Wishing you all strength and love.

  8. Sara Malka and Larry says: Reply

    Baruch Hashem! Thank you for the update; it is especially good to hear that Sophie was back to eating cookies so quickly! 🙂 We continue to pray for her refuah shleima. xoxoxo, Sara Malka and Larry

  9. Jill Feeney says: Reply

    Sending prayers for a quick recovery and nothing but good news.

  10. Baruch Hashem! May we continue to hear good news of Sophie!

  11. Talia Kronenberg says: Reply

    BH! We love you Sophie so much and think of you every day! Keep fighting and smiling! You have the prettiest smile in the world!

  12. Please G-d the news will get better and better. Thinking of you all. I am sorry we havent had the privilege of meeting her. With her fighting spirit she is an inspiration to all xxx

  13. Syma Shulman Levine says: Reply

    Baruch Hashem. Thank you for keeping us posted. We will continue to daven. May your strength become her strength.

  14. Charles plittman says: Reply

    B’H we should hear only good news.

  15. Elaine Gottesman says: Reply

    I have been thinking about and davening for Sophie every day, especially this week. You’ve been so strong, so I pray you have continued strength during this week of recovery!

  16. OMG
    Sophie B”H is a total trooper
    Infectious beautiful smile
    My hear continuously goes out to her
    Ma ty she b we able to continue with all the Chizuk sent her way
    God Bless!

  17. Shmuel Burstein says: Reply

    It is good to hear a positive report. Sophie is in my daily Tefillot, as well. Wishing you ברכה מאת ה׳ בכל טוב.

  18. Jennifer Seligman says: Reply

    Sophie is amazing. Thinking and praying for you constantly. Hope all goes well.

  19. Sophie is in my heart and prayers here in Jerusalem… refuah shlema and all good wishes for a smooth revovery from the surgery. …I love the mental image of her eating cookies…..

  20. Aviva Sofer says: Reply

    Thinking about Sophie, sending my prayers and love

  21. Faye Spangenthal Bourgstein says: Reply

    Thinking positive thoughts and prayers for
    brave amazing Sophie. Love faye

  22. Reuben Shmuel Mizrahi says: Reply

    Dear Chava Shalva Gabriella.. Sophie,

    Today, in your merit, a few friends from yeshiva and I went into the streets of Jerusalem to put tefilin on them and guess what?! We approached two American boys and after asking them if they wanted to put on, one of them said he wasn’t Jewish while the other said he was and that he had never put on!! So of course, we wrapped him immidiately while explaining to him the beauty of the mitzvah he was doing; how it connects his heart and mind to Gd and how the Heavenly Gates are open to listen to his prayers!! And afterwards, we sang and danced with him and even put him on my shoulders!!! And the best part is that it was all in your merit.
    Keep being strong little angel, may Gd bless you immediately with complete healing and to be very very happy!!
    With love
    Your friend,

    Reuben Shmuel

  23. We are all praying and hoping for a complete and speedy recovery and healing for Sophie. Her smiling face and positive attitude is an inspiration to so many. Love you Sophie from Florida!

  24. Terry Lefkowitz says: Reply

    Baked my challah on Monday so I could have Sophie in mind during her surgery. Stay strong Sweet Sophie. May you have a refuah shleimah and a Good Shabbos. Davening for you and have you in mind in all my tefillos.

  25. FAITH

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