Surgery Tomorrow Morning

Tomorrow is the day that’s been on our minds since Sophie’s tumor recurrence in March.  Tomorrow, Sophie’s surgeon (the same as our previous one) will attempt to remove the tumor from her chest cavity.  This is a long and complicated surgery, and we would sincerely appreciate any and all positive thoughts directed Sophie’s way.

Please pray, say tehillim, do a positive deed or think of Sophie (Chava Shalva Gavriella bat Shani Aliza) tomorrow, and we hope to only share good news moving forward.  Thank you everyone again for all the support until now and in the days to come.

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  1. Zelda Wildman says: Reply

    We will be davening and saying Tehillim for sweet Princess Sophie. May Hashem watch over her and protect her. Our thoughts are with you.

  2. Sophie is in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing her a successful surgery and recovery tomorrow. Sending love.

  3. Paula and Ivan Bub says: Reply

    Please know we are thinking of you and praying for a good outcome. Love .

  4. Davening for Sophie and sending you all love support and positive thoughts.

  5. Like always, Sophie is in our thoughts and prayers.

  6. Adina Leitner says: Reply

    I took the picture of Sophie and asked ALL my contacts to daven for her tom an thru whatsap
    Refuah shlemah,
    Everyone’s responding with refuah shlema!!!
    Good news Tom, Im y Hashem!!!
    Tamuz – month of Geulah!!!

  7. paul wertman says: Reply

    will give tzedukah in her name today

  8. You are constantly in our thoughts. Please God my there be a positive outcome for precious Sophie.

  9. Will do! Looking forward to hearing good news!

  10. Debbi Marcus says: Reply

    Sophie is always in my thoughts and prayers and will be especially tomorrow.

  11. Sophie is very much in our thoughts and our tefillot this morning; we are also saying tehillim. May HaShem guide the hands of the surgeon and may He quickly send a refuah shelema.

  12. We are all with you and Sophie in our hearts and will be keeping our best thoughts at the ready, doing kindness, and saying tefillot and tehillim in Sophie’s zchut. May she have a refuah shlema.

  13. The Fogelman Family says: Reply

    Thinking of all of you today.

  14. Arielle Zand says: Reply

    Thinking of you all.

  15. You are all 100 percent in my prayers and may G-d Bless Sophie with complete / total healing /comfort . May all go well my friends . Thinking / praying for you all

    Love / Shalom

    Rabbi Michael

  16. May Chava Shalva Gavriella bas Shani Aliza have a successful surgery and a refuah shleima! <3, Sara Malka and Larry

  17. Love, prayer and her strong being will get her thru. Poppi

  18. Embracing you all but especially precious Sophie in prayer. May we only hear great news and about zero margins. Much love from all of us.

  19. tova gelper says: Reply

    dear jennie and david,

    lifting little sophie in prayer, love and light!

    with blessings,

    tova gelper

  20. Carolyn J Lewis says: Reply

    Sending lots of love to courageous little Sophie and her family from Western Montana!
    Thinking of you all with all my heart.

  21. Bonnie Spangler says: Reply

    Sending positive wishes your way from the Chicago Spangler clan. Our thoughts are of precious Sophie and we pray Sophie’s surgery will restore her to good health.

  22. We will prat and learn Talmud for her heath. May God will heal Sophie soon.

  23. We are all praying and thinking about sweet Sophie-what a beautiful smile!!! Hatzlacha and Refuah Shelaima !!!

  24. Rae Goodman says: Reply

    Sophie is in our thoughts and prayers. Sending love

  25. Sara Friedman says: Reply

    Going to the kotel to daven for Sophie thinking of you all.

  26. Chana Rivka says: Reply

    Praying for good news!

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