Summer 2018

The summer has really flown by, with a number of things going on.  On the day of our last post, Sophie was cleared by our oncology team to attend Camp Simcha.  (Camp Simcha is a sleepaway camp for kids battling cancer and other serious illnesses.)  This was an amazing step, as a number things needed to fall into place to make it happen. But off she went on Wednesday, August 8th to one of the most incredibly inspirational places we’ve ever been to.

Sophie couldn’t contain her excitement as we drove her up to camp that Wednesday morning.  Her amazing personal counselor Tovah, met us there when we arrived, and we then got to witness the uniquely outstanding atmosphere that is Camp Simcha.  Upon arrival, each individual camper got their own individual welcome train, along with dancers, singers and music. There was a stage set up in the front of the camp, and after running through the staff’s parade, Sophie made her way onto the stage to dance and sing on the microphone.  The feeling of excitement and closeness between all the campers and staff is one we’ve never experienced before; it was honestly one of the most special days we’ve experienced as a family.

Sophie was lucky enough to spend the next 11 days sleeping over at camp!  It may sound like a lot for a 4 year old to be away from home, but not Sophie… she had an absolute blast and “Super Sophie” as everyone referred to her became one of the most sought after campers to hang out with (staff comments, not ours 🙂  )  Sophie’s best friend Libby also attended camp with her, sharing practically every activity, meal and infirmary visit because they were so inseparable. We feel so fortunate that she was able to have the kind of experience that Camp Simcha was to her, mainly due to the amazing doctors, nurses, staff and most importantly her 1:1 counselor Tovah.  We could not have asked for a more dedicated, caring, fun counselor for Sophie, who took such amazing care of her throughout the entirety of camp.

We picked her up on Monday, August 20th, and Tuesday was already back to the hospital. We started chemo this past Tuesday the 21st but not without its hiccups.  Sophie returned from camp with a virus, so we were forced to undergo chemo the entire week in an isolation room she was not allowed to leave. Fortunately, her chemo regimen only lasted 4 days instead of our typical 5, and Sophie was able to wave and smile at one of her hospital friends across the hall during some of our days in isolation.

We are back home and trying to enjoy the last few weeks of summer.  The weeks ahead bring a number of important scans, as well as discussions on further treatment with our team.  We will provide more updates as we have additional information.

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  1. What an amazing experience for Sophie and the entire family! We hope and pray that the joy and love she felt at camp simcha will give super Sophie the boost to beat this thing! Sending all you folks love and support 🙂
    With blessings for a complete recovery!

  2. “Super Sophie” – how super is that? Sophie inspires everyone she meets wherever she is. I am
    so inspired by her warmth and sparkly personality throughout what she is going through. Camp Simcha is an amazing place with the most dedicated and loving staff. So happy Sophie enjoyed her stay there. May the New Year bring to Jenny, David and all their loved ones an abundance of good health and happiness. May we all merit the coming of Moshiach and revealed good.

  3. Adina Leitner says: Reply

    Thank you so much for being open with your story!!
    Can I visit Sophie?
    I’m in NY…

  4. Jennifer Seligman says: Reply

    May you have a good new year with health peace and happiness

  5. Wishing Sophie and family a happier and healthier New Year!

    1. So glad that Super Sophie got to go to Camp Simcha! Wishing you all a happy, healthy, sweet New Year!

  6. Ruben Mizrahi says: Reply

    I’m so overjoyed to hear you had such an amazing time Sophie!! What an amazing experience. You’re so strong and special!! Keep on going you’re doing amazing!! We love you tremendously and are rooting for you!!
    So much love to you Sophie and I can’t wait to meet you one day!!

  7. David Spangler says: Reply

    Sophie is truly a SUPER young girl. Our love is with you all.
    —Bonnie and David

  8. Super Sophie! Love it! Glad she loved Camp Simcha. Hoping the New Year brings good news on scan days. Always praying for your family.

  9. We love you all and are so glad that Sophie had a week of bliss. She deserves it so much as do you. May this all be a memory very soon with Sophie having a complete recovery.

  10. You’re Amazing & So Special!
    So glad you got the time to spend at such a God-Sent As Camp Simcha!
    May the great time you had at Camp stay with you and bring a
    Refuah Shleima!
    Have You In My Prayers & My Weekly Dvar Torah At The Yudin Home!
    xxCary Sprung

  11. Sophie’s contagious energy was felt through every inch of the vessel.

  12. i was so happy to see that Sophie was in camp this year! And the photos – amazing – she was a star among stars there! It was Anny’s last summer there – but she’s been there for 7 summers so i’ts ok to say goodbye. As one of her camp simcha friends put it – it’s the best camp you never want to be able to go to! Hope all goes well with scans etc. praying for strength and health for the whole family

  13. It is amazing to hear that Sophie brought her super attitude to camp and that she had a special experience. Her joy and strength is so powerful. We are davening for her health and all of your strength in taking on the next few weeks.

  14. So happy that Sophie had a great time and wonderful experience! Here’s to many, many more! Xo!


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