Post-Surgery Update

Thank God (B”h) Sophie is out of surgery after 7.5 hours and resting in the PICU. Thank you so much to all who prayed, said tehillim, and did a good deed for Sophie today and in all the days leading up to her surgery.  Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers over the coming days as she works toward a full recovery from her operation.

We will provide a more detailed update on her progress over the next few days.

15 Replies to “Post-Surgery Update”

  1. Thank goodness Jennifer! Keeping my prayers coming for Sophie!

  2. Yechiel Greenblum says: Reply

    B”H. Good to hear that your are past this step.
    She should have a Re’fua Sh’lema.
    רפואה שלמה בתוך שאר חולי ישראל

  3. Donna de Groot says: Reply

    Praying for more good news!

    1. Charles plittman says: Reply


  4. B”H so happy to hear. She is always in our tefillot. May Hashem send her a refuah shelayma.

  5. Estie and David says: Reply

    B”H. Refuah sheleymah. Estie

  6. Avrohom and Devorah Leah Gordon says: Reply

    Baruch Hashem! We’re so glad to hear it went well! We’re with you in spirit every day. Hope Sophie always smiles as much as in these blog pictures!

  7. Nehama (Verter) Moskowitz says: Reply

    Wonderful news!!! Hope she has a swift recovery.

  8. Thinking of all of you. She seems a real little fighter and no doubt this will all be a bad dream soon.
    May she go from strength to strength. Love from all the family here in S.A.

  9. That smile is unreal! May it guide her through life no matter what.

  10. Yaakov, Leah & Sammy Kaufman says: Reply

    Stay strong sweet Sophie !! Thinking of all of you !

  11. Judy & Mendel Fleischer says: Reply

    Sending Positive energy along with continued wishes of Refuah Sh’leima. May the tefillos of all be accepted by Hashem so that Sophie realizes this Refuah B’Karov!!

  12. May each day bring more strength and heal!
    I will continue to pray and thank G-d!

  13. The Mangual Family says: Reply

    So happy to hear she is recovering now. She is in our thoughts and prayers every day.


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