Day 85: Getting Ready for the Next Big Step

Day 85 on the Road to Recovery…

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a blur as we prep for Sophie’s surgery. First came our all-too familiar “neutropenic fever”, which forced us into the hospital for a few days, including shabbos of last week.

Yet again, there was something new introduced to the equation; this time, it was our extended stay at the MSK Urgent Care.

Normally, there is a standard procedure each time we arrive at the hospital for an unplanned reason. First, the team takes a blood sample to determine whether or not Sophie is neutropenic (extremely low white blood counts). If she is, they will administer a round of antibiotics as well as fluids to hydrate her and will continue to do so throughout our stay. Finally, we are moved from Urgent Care to the inpatient side where we see many familiar faces and are given a hospital bed for Sophie to sleep on (and a small pull-out sofa for mom or dad).

However, for this particular visit, the inpatient side was so crowded due to flu/cold season, that there were no available beds for us when we arrived. We spent our first 3 days in Urgent Care which was very different than what we and Sophie have become accustomed to. To make things even a bit more challenging, Sophie was still in isolation, which meant being confined to the Urgent Care room 24 hours a day, similar to our previous chemo stay.

Finally, on Friday afternoon right before candle lighting, an isolation room opened on the inpatient floor and we were able to make our way over just in time for shabbos. Talk about upgrades! The new room had a window and much more space for Sophie to play. We even got to play ‘soccer’ for a while, which is now Sophie’s new favorite sport. We were then discharged Saturday evening and were home by 8pm.

On Monday we returned to the hospital for some pre-op scans to determine our surgery plan. These were our first scans since we began chemotherapy, and thankfully, the surgical team confirmed that the tumor has been responding to the treatments. The goal of the surgery will be to try to remove the remainder of the tumor. The surgery will be taking place this coming Monday, February 13th. After a few weeks of recovery, Sophie will again begin chemotherapy treatments (which has always been the plan from the onset of our journey).

Monday’s surgery is a very serious, and extremely important, operation and a significant step in our treatment plan and eventual recovery. Please keep our special Sophie (Shalva Gavriella Bat Shani Aliza) in your hearts and prayers on Monday and in the coming weeks. We will try and provide updates as best as we can moving forward.

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  1. Thinking of you guys and sweet Sophie in my thoughts and prayers! Wishing for a seamless surgery and speedy recovery!

  2. Danny Wildman says: Reply

    The mincha minyan at Google has been saying a “Mi shebeirach” for Sophie every week since we first heard about it. B’li neder, we will say extra tehillim this Monday on her behalf. Refuah Shelaima! We are thinking of you.

  3. We here in merkaz Shapira keep sophie on our hafrashat challa list. way more than 40 women keep her in their prayers each week as they fulfill this special mitzva.
    Holding you in our hearts!

  4. We are thinking of you and with you all the time.
    Can’t wait to spend time with Soph xoxo

  5. Debbie Gelb Glassman says: Reply

    My prayers are with you, David, and Sophie.

  6. W are thinking of you guys and Sophie constantly and sending all our love and positive thoughts. xo xo

  7. We send our love and prayers.
    The Genslers

  8. We will continue to keep you in our prayers. God bless

  9. Wow, what a journey for Sophie and our family to be on at such an early age. I will continue to say prayers for Sophie, a successful surgery and recovery. Hugs my friend.

  10. Sophie and family, you are brave warriors! May HaShem give the doctors and nurses everything necessary for a successful surgery and may Sophie have a speedy and complete recovery! We will be thinking about you and davening. Shabbat shalom from the Waizman’s.

  11. Lauren Ashcraft says: Reply

    The Google team is thinking about you guys and sending lots of love your way!

  12. Sending our best wishes for a complete recovery and refuah shelayma to Sophie! She’s in our prayers! Love to the family. Mike and Debbie Klein

  13. Praying for Sophie and your family. She is such a brave and strong little girl. I know she will come through this just fine.

  14. Praying for Sophie. Good luck.

  15. Thinking of you all today. If there’s any way I can help, please be in touch. I’ll be there.

  16. Thoughts and prayers with you on this difficult day.

  17. A donation of $180 was made to the PBB registry directly. Keeping you and your beautiful daughter in our prayers.

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