Day 8: Thanksgiving from the 9th Floor at Sloan Kettering

Day 8 on the road to recovery…

The last few days have been up and down, as expected. We were hopeful that we’d be able to come home before the end of the week, but due to minor complications  there is little chance of us being home for the weekend.  While we were so lucky to have our close family with us today, and amazing friends who prepared a delicious Thanksgiving feast for us to enjoy, it was very challenging to spend our Thanksgiving eating in a hospital cafeteria.  Everywhere you turn, there are constant reminders that this “new normal” is still not actually a comfortable one, but rather one that everyone is forced into and trying desperately to navigate their way out.

Everyone we’ve met here in the pediatric oncology floor has mentioned the “small victories” that you need to learn to cherish. The times when Sophie rolls her eyes at you when you say something ridiculous. The times she’s out of bed waving at all the kids who walk by. The times she sings a song to herself to pass the time. The times she has 5 stuffed animals in the hospital bed with her and gives them all kisses when she lays down for a nap. Small victories.

The fact is, one of the hardest parts about the past 2 days is that Sophie has been acting more and more like her normal self as we move further away from her first days of chemotherapy. She’s happier, more energetic, eating again, and acting like nothing has happened. And it is at these moments where you forget altogether that you are living in a hospital.  But then we meet with the doctors who review her chemo plan, and it brings us back to the reality that this experience is not a sprint, but rather a marathon that takes patience and endurance to succeed.

So although this was hopefully the most difficult Thanksgiving we will ever experience, there is also still much to be grateful for.  The amazing compassionate nursing staff who come in around the clock and answer all of our questions in the most patient way possible.  Our amazing oncologist, who himself has offered to donate blood for our sweet little girl during her chemo weeks.  And our kind “roommates” and their families, who have dropped off gifts for Sophie on her bed and shared with us their stories to help us understand the path ahead of us.

And we are truly thankful to all of the amazing people who are looking out for our Sophie.


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  1. We love you all so much and are with you every step of the way.

  2. You truly will get what Modei Ani means after this experience. I have been thinking of you all every day; praying, tzedukah and sending positive energy. She is a ray of sunshine to everyone around her as YOU two are. Please take care of yourselves – it is vitally important to do so.
    Kisses to you all

  3. Yoni and ilana Yares and the kids says: Reply

    Sending lots of love your way@

  4. Laya Basya and I are planning to make challah today in Sophie’s merit. May she have a complete recovery very, very soon!

  5. I read Tehillim and Made a misheberach for Sophie at the Ohel this week. May HaShem hear all of our prayers and send your precious Sophie complete healing.

  6. Hi jenny. My prayers and thought are with you and your family.

  7. Thinking of you guys and sending you positive thoughts. Sophie is such a sweet beautiful girl with amazing parents! Hang in there and keep up the good work. ❤️

  8. I have come across your blog a few times, I think we may have mutual friends. My husband is an oncology fellow at Sloan and we live across from the hospital. I would be more than happy to help your family in any way possible. Feel free to call or text for anything you may need 201-314-6620. Sending lots of love to your family and your beautiful Sophie.

  9. The Mangual Family says: Reply

    We, including the kids, are thinking of Sophie and our sending our love. We are praying for you all.

  10. Thinking of you always and praying for Sophie’s Full recovery

  11. חזק ואמץ. תפלתינו וליבחנן אתכם

    Todd Berman

  12. I knw Sophie for 6 months nw she is so beautiful loving and kind when I hear abt her sickness its broke my heart to knw that she is so sick we use to play go to the park and ect but I thank God for her turning around again she still smile with me am so happy to have her home bck again so we can play again I just want to say these few words frm the bible for her Psalm 4 hear me when I call o god of my righteousness thou hast enlarged upon me and hear my prayer o ye sons of men how long will ye turn my glory into shame how long will ye love vanity and seek after leasing selah but knw that the Lord hath set apart him that is godly for himself the Lord will hear when I call into him with your own heart upon your bed and be still selah offer the sacrifices of righteousness and put your trust in the Lord there be many that say who will shew us any good lord lift thou up the light of thy countenance upon us thou hast put gladness in my heart more than in the time that their corn and their wine increased I will both lay me in peace and sleep for thou Lord only makes me dwell in safety love u Sophie

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