Day 64: Screw You, Winter

Day 64 on the Road to Recovery…

This week, Sophie came down with the flu. Its the same miserable flu that winter after winter, everyone hopes to avoid, but many can’t.

Only this time, everything is different.

On Monday morning, Sophie was acting great and happy to be playing at home. By Monday late afternoon she had developed a high fever (>101) and we ended up back at Memorial Sloan at Urgent Care, where they gave her a dose of antibiotics and fluids to hydrate her and bring her heart rate to a normal level. By Tuesday morning, her fever was even higher (>102) and the Doctors decided that they would need to delay her chemotherapy treatment, which was supposed to be the last treatment before her surgery.

We came home Tuesday morning and by the afternoon the team had confirmed that Sophie had the flu. Fortunately, in typical Sophie fashion (breaking all the rules), her symptoms only lasted another 24 hours, and by Wednesday afternoon she was back on her feet.

However, this new development forces chemo to be pushed off a week, which in turn could potentially delay the surgery.  As we’ve been working toward this first big goal of Sophie’s recovery, it’s difficult to now be faced with an unexpected surprise that may delay our course to the finish line.  But with each new surprise is another reminder that there is no “normal” course of treatment. Whether we are in a neutropenic week, “up-week”, or any day or night, the unexpected is all we can really expect and we’ll therefore take each thing as it comes.

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  1. I am so glad that Sophie is recovering from the flu but sorry that her chemo is now delayed. I know that is tough. Keep hanging in there – she is a fighter and keeps showing how strong she is.

  2. I am also glad that Sophie is recovering but it is really tough getting these setbacks. I am praying that things can stay on course with surgery and seeing how tough (and unpredictable in good way) Sophie is, I feel very hopeful. That being said, I agree with you “screw the winter”.

    1. Nancy Fish, please email me

  3. I didn’t know she was your “rule-breaker” good for her – she will blaze her own path!

  4. so glad she is feeling better! shes a fighter! thinking of you guys.

  5. Faye Bourgstein says: Reply

    Princess Sophie, I am so pleased you are feeling better – think of you each day and know
    you are a fighteer, in charge of your galaxy. Read your progress reports, and know that you wll beat the bad guys and receive an A++, Thinking of all of you, love and hugs, Faye Bourgstein (nee Spangenthal)

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