Day 57: Appreciating the Small Things

Day 57 on the Road to Recovery….

We are currently reaching the end of our “up” week after our 3rd chemo cycle round, and we have a number of things to be thankful for.  The 3rd cycle of chemo has proceeded without surprises, with Sophie acting upbeat and energetic through most of the past 2.5 weeks. She has also become increasingly comfortable at MSK, and has even begun to enjoy her time in the playroom with the amazing child life specialist assigned to her.  However, the most surprising and perhaps comical detail to us has been the usage of her “chemo pole” while receiving her chemo treatments.  As a bit of background, when patients receive treatment, all chemotherapy and other drugs are connected to a portable battery powered machine that hangs on a pole with wheels.  This pole enables each patient to be mobile while receiving their medication. While during the first few cycles Sophie would walk around and have us push the pole for her, at the start of this last cycle she was determined to be independent and wouldn’t let anyone else help her pull the pole. Most impressively, by her second day of chemo not only was she pulling the pole herself but she was actually using it as a portable scooter to help her ride around the halls of the hospital. Nurses and doctors were all laughing as she whizzed by on her pole, marveling at how she has managed to make even the worst of places into her own big playhouse.

And onto the most important detail for us to be thankful for; we have managed to endure our first “neutropenic” week with no fever, therefore allowing us to sleep at home every night since the last day of chemo.  While it is sometimes not easy to appreciate the small things during a difficult time period, this is something we truly do not take for granted.  Being home is a gift that we cherish each and every day.

We will be starting our 4th round of chemo early next week, which is our final round of chemo before Sophie’s surgery.  We will also begin to prep for the surgery itself, through appointments with the surgical team, child life specialists and the rest of Sophie’s oncology team, and we will begin to learn more about the surgical goals, prep and recovery time, and other necessary details.  There won’t be answers to many of our questions about future treatment and timelines until after the surgery.

7 Replies to “Day 57: Appreciating the Small Things”

  1. Dave and Jenny,
    This brought tears of joy to my eyes. The image of Sofie flying through the halls on her chemopole is at the same time hilarious and so inspiring. It shows what type of spirit she has and that is what is going to push her all the way through this! Thank you for sharing with us.
    Much love and blessings for continued joy and healing,

  2. Hi Jenny and David – Your funny description of Sophie’s ingenious way to deal with her chemopole really brought a smile to my face. She is one tough cookie. And your perspective on things as usual is inspirational. Her unwavering spirit, determination, and comical Sophie ways will continue to be a source of strength for you and your whole family and will help her beat this!!! Much love and admiration. Nancy

  3. Christine McCosmoes says: Reply

    This little girl is such a precious gift. What a spirit! I am cheering for you all. Many many hugs.

  4. We love Sophie’s spirit and smile!
    The picture of her riding around on her chemo pole will forever be with me! A good life’s lesson for all of us.
    We love you Soph.

  5. Yaakov , Leah & Sammy Kaufman says: Reply

    Sophie is such an inspiration ! Thank you for keeping us posted on this journey . We are always here if you need anything at all !

  6. as i light the shabbat candles today i will be thinking of little sophie and her determination with her chemopole. how inspiring that little girl is to all of us – even those of us not privileged to know her personally. keep on sharing your beautiful messages. there is a great big “fan club” waiting to hear every wonderful step of your journey. much love and light, tova gelper

  7. Hi,
    I don’t know you personally but I want you to know I am thinking about you and hope that your life becomes boring really soon. Sophie sounds like a strong, brave little girl. Rachel Hercman, Riverdale

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