At It Again…

Sophie began the first cycle of her new chemo regimen last Tuesday, March 13th.  As the doctors had informed us, we found this drug combination to be significantly more challenging than her last treatments.  Her treatments were administered for 5 straight days (unlike the previous 2 or 3 days), from early morning until late evening, and we then left the hospital attached to a backpack which contained hydration and some medications which lasted until the next morning (when the other meds began again).

Unlike her previous treatments where she had random bouts of energy, these medications left Sophie consistently in bed, battling significant amounts of nausea.  The MSK team has been amazing about providing a variety of anti-nausea medications to ease Sophie’s discomfort, but unfortunately this regimen is known to be tricky.  Finally yesterday, we saw a bit of improvement in Sophie’s energy level and demeanor, and we’ve begun to witness small spurts of energy and liveliness that we’ve been missing over the last week.

After returning home for a few days earlier this week, we are now back in the hospital with a low grade fever.  Given the fact that we are now over a week out from chemo, Sophie’s blood counts have dropped enough that we were forced to be admitted to the inpatient side of the hospital until her counts come back up.  This could take anywhere from a few days, to a week or more.

For those who have asked about making a donation in Sophie’s honor, we have updated our donation page  to include details on donating towards PPB (Pleuropulmonary Blastoma) research via the PPB Registry. The PPB registry operates out of the Children’s Hospital of Minnesota. The team at the PPB Registry has gone above and beyond these past few weeks, providing us and our medical team with extensive research and information on how best to move forward with Sophie’s relapse, and we can think of no better organization to help fund than one who cares so deeply for Sophie as an individual and for all children combatting her disease.  

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  1. Dave and Jenny, We are with you every step of the way, battling this thing, filling ourselves with hope that Sophie will have a complete recovery. We love you all!

    1. Jennifer Seligman says: Reply


  2. Can’t stand that you have to deal with this again! May Hashem hear everyone’s tefilos on behalf of Sophie, count everybody’s mitzvos in Sophie’s zechus, and grant her a refuah shleima! Mariashi

  3. Jenny and David, please let us know if you need anything. Sophie is in our thoughts and prayers. Please send her our love!

  4. Anna Plittman says: Reply

    Refuah Shleimah and Yeshua b’korov!

  5. Praying for a soon and full recovery for Sophie. Sending love to the family for strength. Tamir and Shira Rivka

  6. Devorah Leah Gordon says: Reply

    Our good thoughts and prayers are with you. Thank you for the update, and wishing you an uneventful healthy happy Pesach!

  7. With the image of Sophie and her medical backpack in my mind’s eye I can only wish all of you the healing of Michael and the kind comforts of the Shechinah.

  8. Wishing so much courage and strenght to little Sophie ❤️ She’s in my prayers every day❤️

  9. We love you.
    We hope you always know that you are surrounded by people who love and care and will do anything for you.

  10. Judy Orovitz Herzfeld says: Reply

    Sophie is such a beautiful happy girl! I was / am So sorry to learn of her trials, after seeing Dr. Greenblum in the store. I pray for all of your strength & Success & prosperity; & I pray for only good news & good health for Sophie. G-d bless her with a lasting full & Speedy Recovery!! Please post here her Hebrew nam & her mom’s, & I will ask others to pray too. Thank you! Xoxo

  11. Judy Orovitz Herzfeld says: Reply

    I found Sophie’s Hebrew Name- Shalva Gavriella Bas Shani Aliza. Thanks

  12. Mangual Family says: Reply

    We are always rooting for Sophie!

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