Day 203: Sophie’s First Prom

Day 203 on the Road to Recovery…

The last few weeks have been event-filled, but fortunately almost all positive.  

One of the reasons we feel so comfortable at Memorial Sloan Kettering is because of the amazing care they provide all of their patients, and the lengths that they will go to make sure their patients are happy and surrounded by positive energy.  Two weeks ago, the MSK staff organized their annual “prom” or dance for the entire pediatric patient unit.  First, they partnered with Bloomingdales, which donated hundreds of dresses for the special occasion.  Each mother and patient was allowed to select and keep one dress from the amazing selection, and they were then able to wear that dress to the prom. The child-life specialists then took over half of the hospital cafeteria, and decorated the area with party streamers, balloons, and other festive paraphernalia.  They provided festive and delicious party snacks, such as cupcakes, cookies and candies for all of the kids and their families, and hired a live dj to play music throughout the entire party.  Anyone who was present got a brief reprieve from whatever was on their minds at this amazing party; Sophie in particular had an absolute blast dancing and singing along (while eating plenty of snacks at the same time!).  

But truly the most incredible and impressive part of the day for us were the special people who attended alongside the families. Almost every single doctor, nurse and many volunteers stopped in during the party itself, and most could be seen dancing and hanging out with their respective patients.  The true love and respect that these professionals have for their patients is remarkable; it is not often that we see individuals who truly love their jobs as much as these special people do. Sophie was lucky enough to enjoy a dance with none other than Dr Wexler (Oncologist) himself!

The day after prom Sophie had another fun surprise in store.  The doctors gave us permission to visit her school for a special occasion, and we decided what better day to go than a combined Shavuot/Shabbat party with snacks and ice cream.  Everyone at Shomrei Torah preschool was so warm and welcoming when we came for the special visit, and made Sophie feel as if she had never left.  She was also so incredibly excited to see all of the kids from her class, and jumped right into playing with them as if she’d never left. The smile on her face that day is truly something we will not forget.

Finally, we finished off our whirlwind few weeks since our last treatment with a fun-filled mini vacation to the Jersey shore.  Sophie had a fabulous time playing in the sand and the water, walking along the boardwalk, and playing with her cousin and brother the entire time.  We were also able to  visit the amusement park where she had an absolute blast going on many of the rides, even  a mini-roller coaster!  It was a really great way to finish our last week prior to the start of our next chemo round.

On Monday, we endured a full day at MSK for some additional scans. The results came back quickly this time showing no new metastases. (This is a good thing!)  Tuesday, we began another round of chemo (9th chemo to date, 5th out of 8 planned post-surgery chemo rounds).  While chemo week is always difficult, we feel very lucky that we had such an amazing few weeks behind us filled with great memories and experiences for Sophie and our family.  Please continue to keep Sophie in your thoughts and prayers as we progress toward her last few rounds of chemo and hopefully complete and full recovery in the coming months.

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  1. Happy to hear Sophie is having fun! She always has that beautiful smile! I have Sophie in my prayers daily and before lighting Shabbos candles. Wishing her a complete recovery! Chana

  2. Tara Gensler says: Reply

    Keep dancing, singing, and partying, Sophie! We are all praying for you.
    The Genslers

  3. Loved this post. Keep dancing Sophie 🙂

  4. Melanie Kwestel says: Reply

    The prom sounds delightful. So glad that Sophie (and you!) had a wonderful time.

  5. The Mangual Family says: Reply

    So amazing to hear such positive things! Just made my day.

  6. Talia Furleiter says: Reply

    Ezra was so excited that Sophie came to school! He actually told me about it which is saying something :-). Keep dancing and feeling good Sophie! We hope you are able to come back to school again soon!

  7. Berni and Larry Zierler says: Reply

    Sending love, hugs and kisses from the Catskills! We will fly soon to Israel to welcome Yoni and Yochi’s new addition and will keep all of you in mind as we count our blessings.

  8. Robyn safier says: Reply

    Great to hear the positive news. Dr wexler is wonderful. He is not our Dr but he runs with team Lifeline and is married to a classmate of mine from Frisch!

  9. Rivkah Bloom says: Reply

    What a beautiful picture! I’m glad that Sophie can feel like the princess that she is.
    May the recovery continue to go smoothly. As always, sending love.

  10. Wow — what amazing things to report!! Thanks for sharing for all this. Sophie is still my hero!!

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